Software Development

Below are some examples of my software development work. Most of these are work in progress; what I publish here should work most of the time, but no promises! Access to these pages via https is supported if you would like to download software securely.

A small application that "evaluates" latex expressions. I made this to do homework more quickly. The 1.0.1 release is out! 1.1.0 is coming very soon with a much improved backend; the beta is already available and decent to use via subversion.

This python script sends commands to an interpreter of your choice timed to music (or anything else). It was originally designed to trigger light cues with music in live performance, but I'm sure there are far more uses than that.

An open source chemical equation balancer, that I first wrote in 2005.


I cannot promise that I will fix any of the bugs in this code, but there's a good chance I will! Send me an email if you need help, and I'll do my best to get your issue addressed promptly.

A nice javascript gesture generator for the unlock pattern on Android phones.

A little script that creates a menu on an xfce panel that contains launchers to every executable file on a folder.

These are quotes for the UNIX fortune program. There are two files: bahai which simply lists the quotes, and bahai.dat which contains the compressed quotes that fortune actually uses. On my system, I just needed to put these files in /usr/share/games/fortunes for them to work. Then '$fortune bahai' will print Bahá'í quotes!